Professor Valentina Milano delivers a module on the legal framework in the first university course on trafficking and prostitution in Spain

This week, Professor Valentina Milano concludes the teaching of the module on the legal framework applicable to trafficking in human beings and prostitution, within the framework of the first university course on intervention with people in a situation of trafficking and prostitution that is taught in Spain. Within the framework of the first edition of this university expert course that is being offered at the UIB, Professor Milano has addressed the international and national regulation regarding prostitution, and in particular the different models of regulation – prohibition, abolition and regulation – and its impact on people in prostitution. Thereafter, the international and European normative framework on trafficking in persons was examined: not only the criminal framework, but also the aspects related to the identification and protection of victims, the assistance that must be provided, the recovery and reflection period, residence permits and access to international protection. In addition to the applicable international standards, the current Spanish regulations and their weaknesses are examined, pointing to the need to adopt a specific and holistic law on trafficking in human beings in Spain.