Gender perspective in teaching Law

Training seminar: The incorporation of the gender perspective in the planning and teaching in the Faculty of Law

Content: Advice on methodologies that allow a group of teachers of the Faculty of Law to incorporate the gender perspective in the design and teaching of their respective subjects

Researcher in charge of the project Prof. Dr. Valentina Milano

Members of the projects: Valentina Milano, Margalida Capellà i Roig, Maria Ballester Cardell, Rosario Huesa Vinaixa, Apol·lònia Martínez Nadal, Joan David Janer Torrens, Francesca Llodrà Grimalt, Carmen Tomás-Valiente Lanuza, Magdalena Llompart Bennàssar, Pau de Vílchez Moragues, Ricardo Navarro Gómez, Sebastià Rubí Tomàs, Eduardo Ramón Ribas, Maria del Mar Crespí Ferriol, Josep Gunnar Horrach Armo.

Objectives of the project

  • Raise awareness of the professors of the Law Faculty of the UIB on the need to integrate the gender perspective in their teaching, in accordance with axis 7 “Teaching” of the II Plan of Equality of the UIB (2019 -2021) that includes, as a main objective, the inclusion of equality skills in the curricula, the offer of cross-cutting training in gender equality and the inclusion of the gender perspective in all areas of knowledge.
  • To analyze the degree of inclusion of the gender perspective in the programs of the subjects taught by the teaching staff of the different areas of Law that participate in this project (constitutional, criminal, civil, administrative, labor, international, commercial, financial) and to reflect on teaching practices that transmit gender inequalities.
  • To provide professors of the Law Faculty with methodological tools, both theoretical and practical, for the integration of the gender perspective in legal subjects. To this end, to offer experiences on the introduction of the gender perspective in teaching in the field of Law to other Spanish universities.
  • To foster the creation of a culture of equality that allows to transmit this central value of our legal system and our democratic society to the students of Law, so that they acquire the necessary competences for the effective protection of the right to equality and non-discrimination in the different professional fields that they will develop as jurists: judges, lawyers, prosecutors, officials, etc.


There will be two training sessions, between January and June 2020. The first was held on 17 January 2020. See